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14 passenger Wagonette

This timeless model is made for pleasure driving, tourism, and parades. It is very popular for trail riding. Its full fifth wheel and hydraulic brakes make it easy to handle. Available only on wood wheels.


Lenght: 196 in / 4.97 m
Width: 64 in / 1.62 m
Height: 74 in / 1.88 m
Track: 58.5 in / 1.49 m
Front Wheels: 36 x 2 in /
0.91 m x 5.08 cm
Rear Wheels: 42 x 2 in /
1.07 m x 5.08 cm
Weight: 1230 lbs / 560 kg


Complete pole kit
Chrome hub caps
2″ flat top rubber
Hydraulic brakes
Choice of velvet or vinyl seats
Pin striping
Rear step
Brass or chrome lamps
Brass brake pedal
Brass hub caps
Driver’s top
Battery compartment
Protective storage cover