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Classic carriages

June 27, 2020

Mini Vis-à-Vis

This carriage is a small replica of our Vis-à-Vis. It provides a unique style for pony aficionados.


This carriage provides a most stylish choice for a two passenger vehicle. On pneumatic wheels it becomes a trail worthy carriage.

Pony vis-a-vis

Unique style for pony afficionados. You will stand out at shows with this one! Seats two in the back with the driver up front.

4 seat Surrey

The ultimate comfort for many passengers. Luxury and style with old world feel.

3 seat Surrey

When carriage operators want something that stands out they go for this model. Its charm is unmatched.


Originally this model was designed for use in funerals and is still popular with carriage service operators in that function today. It can also be very practical around your farm or on your land with its flatbed.

Deluxe Hearse

This fully customizable carriage is a must have for any carriage service operation.


This finely upholstered iron wrought carriage will underline the beauty and romance of any special occasion. Carriage service operators owning this vehicle must be ready to attend many weddings and proms.


In this high class vehicle the page and flower girl can accompany the bride and groom for beautiful pictures.

Classic Vis-à-Vis

This carriage’s beautiful swell bodied frame makes it very pleasing to the eye. A must have for any carriage service operation.