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For miniatures

June 27, 2020

Mini cart

Beautiful and sturdy wood build. Very comfortable ride with the full spring under the seat. Seats one.

Mini Oak trail

Full oak construction on small automotive tires. Available painted or varnished. Seats one with ample storage in the back.

Mini Hitch wagon

The glory of hitching with the cuteness of minis. You will impress at any event with this fully customizable beauty. Seats one.

Mini sleigh

Super light and sturdy! Allows for fun all year round with your minis. Seats one.

Mini Express

Same as our Classic Express cart but for your miniature horses. Super light and sturdy! More info to come. Seats one.

Mini Vis-à-Vis

This carriage is a small replica of our Vis-à-Vis. It provides a unique style for pony aficionados.