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King hitch wagon

Our King hitch wagon is fully customizable. It is built on 3 inch wheels with rib springs, has a full fifth wheel, hydraulic brakes and  is decorated with chrome lamps and accessories. In your farm colors you will want to keep it for life and it will charm many a judge! It comes with a hook up for two horses and can harness up to eight horses. Seats two up front.
Lenght: 150 in / 3.81 m
Width: 64 in / 1.63 m
Height: 89 in / 2.26 m
Track: 62.5 in / 1.59 m
Hub to hub: 72.5 in / 1.84 m
Front wheels:
35 x 3 in /
0.89 m x 7.62 cm
Rear wheels:
50 x 3 in /
1.27 m x 7.62 m
Weight: 1,525 lbs / 693 kg


Hook up for 2 horses
Chrome hub caps
Chrome lamps
Chrome decorative accessories
3″ metal channel wheels
hydraulic brakes
choice of velvet or vinyl seat
pin striping
Hook up for 4- 6- 8 horses
Rubber coated 3″ metal channel wheels
Brass lamps
Brass brake pedal
Brass hub caps
Brass decorative accessories